Keytree KIT

from the beginning he was easy to communicate with, fit in with our team well

iOs to Android

Keytree is helping clients with providing great solutions. One of their products is KIT, which is a modular retail application. It can be tailored to the clients needs to help them with viewing stock levels, managing customer profiles, and allowing the Store Associate to communicate with customers across SMS, email and social channels, all in-app.

This app was designed and developed for iOs. Keytree decided to make it available on Android, and I was asked to design the user experience for the new platform.

Problems I had to solve:

– The application is very complex, but it was never properly mapped out, making it very difficult to understand for anyone. So first I had to map out all the journeys to have a clear picture of all features and functionality

– The original app was designed for iOs, using iOs design patterns. The new app had to follow android material design patterns, which was a challenge on some of the screens / journeys

– The app is based on SAP systems, which also gave us additional requirements for the design

I started with mapping out all journeys. It wasn’t an easy task as there are several different variants of the application. I took screenshots and created the journey maps in Sketch. I also linked them up with InVison to create a clickable version of the journey maps. 

After that I started going through the journeys and screens and suggested changes to make sure that android users are getting a proper android journey. 

The ideas were described via wire frames and journey maps and were discussed with stake holders and the dev team. We iterated on the ideas in a collaborative way to get to the final designs. This way we made sure that the designs are covering all features, and also can be delivered in time.


Feedback from Keytree:

Cathy Thomas
SAP / Web Technology Consultant

It was a pleasure to work with Robert – from the beginning he was easy to communicate with, fit in with our team well and was pro active and took constructive feedback positively. I could trust him to work remotely and independently, he asked for support when needed and always delivered high quality work. The only down side was that his contract with us was so short!