Vodafone IoT

He was a great asset in translating our current users needs into an easy to use design

Internet of Things

I joined Vodafone once again, but this time I was helping out the consumer IoT team. I was working on multiple projects, mostly at the research and discovery phase. Also, I was asked to take a look at the Back Office Portal.


– Research user behaviour and response when it comes to IoT products. The goal was to find best cases and different scenarios, identify pain points and recommend solutions based on the research

The Vodafone IoT “ecosystem” was very fragmented. I had to come up with concepts to unify products, and direct the different streams into one application

I enhanced the user experience for current IoT product applications

I also redesigned the Back Office Portal, which had some serious issues when it comes to user experience


Events was a concept to deal with user pain points and struggles with IoT products. Doing research was not easy as the products are/were fragmented, and they belong/belonged to different teams. 

Users were criticising the products because of the lengthy and difficult on-boarding process, and they had to use multiple applications to deal with their devices. I documented all findings, and recommended improvements based on my research. 

I also designed a new, more user-friendly version of the VApp, which would be a central place for all IoT devices. The user could see the most important information there, and only open the product specific app when more detail was needed. 

For example, the user could see the location and the status of the car in VApp. Digging a bit deeper, the car is visualised on the map, and high level information about recent journeys provided. When the user needs more detail about a certain journey, the VAuto app would take over and display more information.

Back Office Portal

It’s an internal system for Vodafone employees to keep in touch with customers, modify product details, or introduce new products. User research revealed multiple issues with the system. Users explained that the system was not efficient and very restrictive.

After identifying the main issues, I came up with several suggestions and solutions regarding user experience, back-end architecture, and process changes beyond the system. 

User feedback on the new designs and suggestions was great, so Vodafone committed to implementing the changes in the near future.


Sketch app for wireframes, user journeys and documentation, InVision for sharing files and clickable prototypes and journey maps. We also used Jira +Agile Methodology.

Events dashboard
Dashboard, alerts
Back Office Portal wires

Feedback from Vodafone:

Glenn Drawbridge
Product manager

I worked with Robert on a complete UX redesign project for a vital Vodafone internal system. Robert actively interviewed and surveyed the current user base and rapidly produced wireframes and recommendations for the internal system. He was a great asset in translating our current users needs into an easy to use design and helped deliver the project within its strict timescales.