Lloyds Credit App

“his designs really reflected putting the customer first and keeping designs simple, intuitive and clean”

Digital transformation

I joined the Commercial On-boarding & Lending Customer Journey Transformation Lab at Lloyds. We were working on an internal, browser-based software to help Relationship Managers to be able to do their job faster, so clients can get what they need quicker.


– This project was very complex due the nature of banking products and options 

– User research and usability testing was difficult as we had limited access to users

– A lot of the original workflow was either paper based, or the users had to use a very fragmented system, switching between multiple softwares. We had to find ways to bring everything into one digital platform

We had to work with a system called PEGA, which has a very unique approach to problems, and many limitations on what can be done


When we started solving the problems, we started with research. Sometimes we relied on data gathered by external agencies, other times we did our own research. We couldn’t always talk to users, but we had subject matter experts on site, so we spent as much time as possible with them. 

User interviews gave us in-depth knowledge of their daily routine, or specific parts of their work. We learned about how they interact with the system and identified pain points.

Designing together

We organised workshops, where we designed together with business analysts, PEGA specialists, developers, and subject matter experts and/or users. 

We started designing on white boards. When we all felt that the design was stable, we created high fidelity wire frames and user journey maps. We ran it by the team once again to make sure we all understood what we were doing.

Then we created prototypes to test usability with users. Based on their feedback we iterated on the designs. 


PEGA was the “engine” behind keeping everything together. It has a very unique approach to problems, and lots of limitations on what can be done. We continuously collaborated with PEGA specialists from sketching initial ideas to delivering the final product.  


The main tool beyond whiteboards was Axure. We used it for creating wireframes, documentation, and clickable prototypes. We also used Jira +Agile Methodology.

Workshop white boards
Journey maps
Low fidelity wire frames
High fidelity wire frames

Feedback from Lloyds:

Matthew Noble
Senior Manager in Group Transformation Business Architecture, Intelligence and Innovation

I worked with Robert from day one on a digital transformation project. He is a great guy to work with and has an exceptionality quick learning curve, I was impressed with how quickly he got to know and understand the business acumen and processes. He has a fantastic way of creating a collaboration culture around him and managing his stakeholders efficiently. 

Roberts quick learning and great understanding of the business allowed him to quickly show us how valuable his expertise is and his designs really reflected putting the customer first and keeping designs simple, intuitive and clean. 

On a personal level Robert always took the time to explain to stakeholders and team members the nature of his work and was a key influencer across the bank.