JUST EAT Concepts

“He was great to work with, having an inquiring, interested mind and quickly became a valued member of our team.”

What if ...?

At JUST EAT I was helping the Product Research team to do research, come up with new concepts, and test new ideas. 


– We had to come up with many “What if…?” scenarios, focusing on what customers might want and need in the future 

– We done many rapid ideation sessions, where the goal was not solving problems, but to come up with brand new concepts

– User research and testing were essential parts of the process, trying to learn about customers as much as possible


We spent a lot of time researching food trends, markets, food delivering, the growth of street food in London, etc. We also looked at how customers interacting with the food industry, what questions they ask, and what problems they want to solve. We identified patterns, pain points and customer needs, and developed personas.

Rapid prototyping

Every concept started to take shape on a white boards and post it notes. That’s the easiest way to document ideas, and then regroup or reorganise those ideas into concepts. 

Rapid prototyping and creating “throw away” prototypes were the next steps in the process. We did not try to solve a problem. Instead we wanted to make sure that the prototypes help to learn as much as possible about the customers. 

We conducted many tests, and documented all the findings for future use. 


We came up with several different concepts, such as

–  What if JUST EAT wanted to cover the Street food market

– What if JUST EAT wanted to help offices with catering

– What if we wanted to gamify the JUST EAT experience

– What if we allowed customers to pre order food


Whiteboards and post it notes. We used Axure, Sketch App, and Adobe Photoshop to create wireframes and clickable prototypes. 


Street food wire frames

Feedback from JUST EAT:

Matt Hobbs
Principal Product Manager

Robert came in to work with us on rapid, short iteration prototyping to gain user feedback on new concepts and from day one knocked it out of the park. He was passionate about the user’s experience, hard working and generated great ideas and pragmatic prototypes quickly in a number of formats under constrained timelines. He was great to work with, having an inquiring, interested mind and quickly became a valued member of our team. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.