Lloyds Credit App

At Lloyds we were working on an internal browser based software, to help Relationship Managers to be able to do their job faster, so clients can get what they need quicker. 

This project was very complex, due the nature of banking products and options. On top of that we had to work with a system called PEGA, which has a very unique approach to problems, and lots of limitations about what can be done. The UX team worked very closely with business analysts and PEGA specialists to make sure the designs are deliverable.

When ever we had a problem to solve, we organised “mini workshops”, where we started designing on white boards. People form different areas were invited to these collaborative sessions, including subject matter experts and users.

When we all felt that design is stable, we started wire framing. We created high fidelity wire frames and user journey maps, and ran it through the team once again, to make sure we all understand what we are doing.

We created prototypes to test usability with users, then we iterated on the designs based on user feedback. We worked very closely with PEGA developers till the very end of delivering every solution.