Preqin Pro

Preqin is all about big data. Data about Investors, Funds and Fund Managers, Private Capital Institutions etc. Preqin needed a new website, and a new Research center called Insights. But most importantly a rethink and redesign of their flagship product Preqin Pro. 

This amazing tool helps all parties to quickly find and analyse data, and to make an informed decision about the next step. For example, a fund manager can see data about investors, their usual ways of investing, or the type of funds they work with. Or an investor can see historical performance data on funds, and pick a high performer from the list.

I helped the team the work in a more collaborative way, including remote collaboration with team members abroad. I also introduced a brand new “fail early” process, to speed up production by dealing with issues up front.

The very core, and the first step of the new process is “whiteboard collaboration”, so we’ve done a lot of work on whiteboards. These sessions were led by UX designers. Product managers, business analysts, developers, and visual designers were invited to collaborate.

As a next step we created user journeys and wire frames to clearly explain requirements. We also created clickable prototypes, and tested them with clients to gather insights on performance.

We also worked together with visual designers and developers to deliver the final solution, using agile methodology.